Professional Vector Avatars 2022: Elevate Your Online Presence

Vector avatars are digital images created by illustrators for higher quality. You can find online different sites with vector avatar services. They have more benefits than raster formats, so let’s dive deeper into the subject to learn more about the style.

Vector graphics

To understand what vector avatars are, we first need to understand what vector graphics means in the graphic illustration world. Vector graphics is a set of mechanisms to create visual images from geometric shapes such as lines, polygons, points, and curves.

vector graphics

There are two alternatives, vector graphics, and raster graphics. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Vector data continues to be widely used, and it is the preferred option for domains such as architecture, engineering, 3D rendering, surveying, and typography. Raster is more appropriate and more efficient for photography. Some domains use both vector and raster depending on the purpose, such as graphic design and geographic information systems.

We can find vector graphics in these formats: WMF (windows metafile), SVG (scalable vector graphics), PDF (portable document format), EPS (encapsulated postscript), CDR (Corel draw), or AI (Adobe Illustrator artwork).

In the last few years, SVG has become the main format because it is completely independent of the resolution. So what exactly are SVG files? They are printable text that describes both curved and straight paths and other attributes.

Many websites prefer SVG formats for images like line illustrations or simple maps, flags, and others. Animated graphics also prefer SVG formats. Interestingly there is a version of SVG formats for mobile phones, which is called SVGT ( SVG – tiny version).

Vector image vs. Raster

Raster and vector graphics are the main types used for digital images. A raster format is characterized by the height and width of the image in pixels and also by the number of bits and pixels. Raster images are stored in different image formats with particular properties ( JPEG, PNG, BMP, Gif, PSD…). Most images are stored in raster formats or compressed formats. These are also popular on the world wide web.

Modern printers and displays are mainly raster devices. This means that vector formats need to be converted to a raster format before they can be displayed or printed. The good thing is that it is easier to convert a vector file to a range of raster file formats, but going in the opposite direction would be a much more complicated task.

vector vs raster

The downside of raster graphics is that they are resolution-dependent, meaning that you cannot scale them up without a loss of quality.

Vector graphics, on the other hand, can be easily scaled up to any size without losing image sharpness. Vector images can be edited easily on a computer. The downside is that they are not suitable for encoding videos or pictures taken with a camera. Vector artwork describes an artwork made with vector illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator. It is used for graphic design, illustration, and digital arts.

Vector avatars

In a world where we are increasingly reliant on technology, it is no surprise that even our portraits are getting a digital makeover. If you’re looking to boost your online profile, vector avatars are the way to go.

An avatar is a digital representation of a person. Vector avatars are commonly used in online games, social media platforms, and virtual worlds. They can be used to represent a real person, or they can be fictional characters.

Why choose a vector avatar over a traditional format avatar? Vector avatars take up lesser space, they are easy to adjust, and you can have a very precise and clean result. Creating a digital illustration is a meticulous process, and if you are aiming for the best results choosing vector avatars is an outstanding idea.

vector avatars

Another good thing about vector avatars is that you can save the file in an SVG format, which can be easily modified and scaled up or down to the desired size without losing quality. After a vector avatar is created in Adobe Illustrator, it needs to be saved to a raster format, depending on what you’re planning to use it for. This is because when you want to use the actual avatar, you can mainly use it in a raster format.

Vector avatar pictures for profiles are getting more popular because it is a new and attractive trend that is gaining the attention of people involved in the digital world.

Where can you create vector avatars?

Qualified illustrators usually use AI as their primary program, but there are other great alternatives, such as CorelDraw. You need a drawing tablet, experience, and patience to create vector avatars. If you don’t have these things, you can hire an expert who can make your avatar stand out. Ideally, you need someone who has more options to choose from to satisfy your needs.

vector avatars in adobe illustrator

You can find free vector avatar creators, but those have lower quality and less likeness to the individuals. If you want a good avatar vector free download option, you need to dig deep to find a satisfactory result. The difference between free vector avatars and hand-made priced ones is that the free versions can’t be as detailed and personalized as the ones that a professional artist makes.

Can you have a vector avatar from a photo? You can make a cartoonified version of yourself. You can also find online services that can help you to do that.

Because of the quickly spreading digitalization, people are more inclined to upgrade their profiles with vector avatars. This way, they can add more individuality to their page. Not to mention that the flexibility of these avatars will make your life easier. Vector avatars are easy to modify and can be scaled up or down with no damage to the quality. You can use them on multiple online platforms, and it is a faster solution than, let’s say photo shooting.

Vector avatar styles

There are different types of vector avatar styles. The realistic style is one where the artist is trying to have maximum similarity with the person based on a photo. Depending on the level of the artist, one key thing would be to capture the emotions or the mood of the individual. Although the main focus is to have the maximum likeness, some prefer to make minor modifications that can be easily done in digital illustrations. Another aspect of vector avatars is that you can make a fictional character by making changes to your character. With vector image portraits, you have endless possibilities.

If we are talking about stylized versions, the main characteristics are that you are free to play with shapes and colors or exaggerate or remove details, thus enhancing the look and perception. If you create a stylized vector avatar, you can draw someone without an accurate representation of the person’s realistic appearance.

 Stylization is most commonly used in an art style that uses more cartoony features. There are also a lot of games that use this style. You can create not only fictional characters but also beautiful environments with perfect weather and lighting conditions compared to what you would see in a real-life situation. 

vector avatar styles

Stylization is also super popular because you can change the perception of boring real life into something more interesting and with a different feeling. No wonder most movies also use stylization as their primary weapon. They wouldn’t sell very well without that captivating look. With the advancement of technology, an artist can make an enhanced reality with a perfect atmosphere, colors, lighting, and scene. In games, the level of stylization can be higher, meaning they can exaggerate to a level that it is clear that you wouldn’t encounter such a thing in the real world, but at least it looks gorgeous.

Can a stylized vector avatar have a likeness to a person? The short answer to that question is yes, it can! A qualified illustrator can make a stylized vector avatar that has great similarity to an individual at the same time; it is customized in a way that it has its unique characteristics.

Vector graphics illustration

Vector graphics illustration is when an artist uses a vector-based program like Adobe Illustrator to create their drawing. An experienced artist can turn your photo into a vector avatar and make you a logo that you can scale to a bigger size if you want it for advertising purposes and many other things.  Another good use of vector graphics illustration would be that they can be saved in an SVG format allowing you to print the logo of something on a tee shirt as an example. It doesn’t need to be a logo; it can also be a vector avatar of your cartooned self.

vector graphics illustration - logos

Can you become a professional in vector graphics illustration? At present, you have a lot of tools, such as free tutorial videos, blogs, or articles, that can help you to become a professional illustrator from scratch. Having good fundamentals is crucial if you want to make quick progress.

Having experience in vector graphics illustration gives you a good head start, but even if you have zero experience, it can still be a solid choice as a new career path. After practicing and having the fundamentals, you need to create a professional portfolio. As you gain more experience, you won’t need a reference, and you’ll start to develop a sort of mental library of objects, and slowly you will develop your own style.

If you want a career in this domain or perhaps any field, you need to be passionate about it. Doing something that you love will be easier and will seem effortless.

What advantages does a professional illustrator have? You can work from home or from anywhere if you are a freelancer. If you are good at what you are doing, you will get paid well. You will be able to create vector avatars and, with experience, almost any vector graphics illustration. With this skill, you will be able to create your own custom t-shirt design, stickers, mugs, or anything that can have something printed on it. After a while, you will develop your unique style, and hopefully, you will be able to leave a mark in this beautiful domain.

After you’ve been hired, your next step is to manage your communication with the clients. It is essential to understand what the client wants. Figure out what their needs are. They may love your style, but they might be looking for something specific. Try to hit your deadlines all the time; this way, more people will come back to you. The field of vector graphics illustration is a creative domain where you will face a lot of criticism, but you must stay professional, don’t let your frustration get the best of you.

If you want these vector avatars to be a part of your branding, first, you should commission a few avatars from different artists at different price points and see which offers the best value for you. Don’t order these blindly, as some artists don’t have the necessary skill to pull off a massive order.

vector avatars - branding


In conclusion, we can say that nowadays, you can create or order an awesome vector avatar with relative ease, even a free avatar. If you hire a professional artist to do the illustration for you, you should check out some portfolios and see the options you have.

Now that you know what you can do with vector avatars, feel free to be creative and make inspiring changes to your portfolio. I hope this article answered some of your questions, helped you understand some basic concepts, and gave you some great ideas.

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