Turn Your Favorite Wedding Photo Into a Cartoon ImageWith Avatoon

Cartoonize your wedding with Avatoon! Create a cartoon custom image of your love story and share it with the whole world!

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Cartoonize Your Wedding Photo in 3 Easy Steps.

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Upload your wedding couple photo and fill out the form

Upload the perfect kiss’ photo or the time you waltz with your dad, or simply you and your husband looking dreamily into each other’s eyes. Capture that magic of your wedding and re-live it in a new art form.


Be a part of the process

Be part of the process. It was an enchanting day and that was partly due to your efforts, now, once more, you can have the same level of control over your wedding’s next heirloom. Only you know what made it unique — help us bring it to light.

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Upload it, post it, share it, show it!

Like your photos, those that are irreplaceable, your wedding cartoon image is a showcase of your love. Highlight and share that spark, that passion, with a one-of-a-kind design you can post, share and inspire.

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Easy, fast and safe

All you have to do is upload an image and fill out a short form. We take care of the rest and contact you as soon as your brand new portrait is done. 

Make it your own

We deliver our cartoon drawings in vector format, so it can be scaled to any size, we also provide a high resolution image in any format you need.

Stand out from the crowd

You can bring a playful edge to your next post or project using cartoon drawings.  It also makes the comment stand out and makes your readers revisit the post numerous times.

Turn Your Marriage Photo Into a Custom Cartoon Picture

100% risk free money-back guarantee

Make a Marriage Gift To Your Soulmate

That ONE day was magical. Everything you wanted. You thought people were exaggerating when they constantly sold it as the “best day of your life” but as it turned out, they were in fact underselling it.

Together with your new soulmate, you made the room sparkle. 

Every day, you can’t help but remember that passion, that enchanting intensity, and that spark, and reminisce on that ONE day. Now, you can re-live it.

Capture that ONE special irreplaceable day through the power of animation.

Wedding cartoon images, groom and bride artistic pictures give you the power to step back in time and once more walk down the aisle — or nervously await, with a goofy smile on your face, that special someone that just makes you whole.

Now it’s your chance to put a spin on that exceptional experience and give you love and your memories a unique, fun, dazzling, phenomenal, and high-quality photo that captures the spirit of that bygone occasion.

Every wedding, like every relationship and every couple, is one-of-a-kind; the passion and intensity of one burns differently than another — not hotter, or brighter, but differently. One is smoldering, the other intense, a cartoon wedding couple maker can help you entrap that valuable asset. 

Create Cartoon Pictures of Your Love Story With Avatoon

Through art, through the power of animation and wedding cartoon couple pictures, you can showcase aspects of your nuptials that your photographer failed to capture. Scenes and flashes that only you managed to experience and can now, through the power of art and design, give voice to.

Crafting a unique, individual, oftentimes otherworldly artistic expression of that ONE day, has never been easier. The happiest day of your life can be re-live — as a gift to others, or simply as a touching token for your partner and yourself.

Avatoon’s cartoon wedding couple maker is a high-quality service built on proprietary software and deep learning algorithms. We pride ourselves in giving you something that no other platform on the market has, neural networks and top-shelf cutting-edge tech whose sole purpose is creating singular pieces of art. Our platform is user-friendly, easy to understand, with a complex and fine-tuned intuitive system that’s lightyears ahead of the competition. Use your cartoon picture of a couple in love to inspire not only others but yourself.

Perfect Gift for Groom & Bride

Our one-of-kind, innovative software goes even further by integrating prolific artists and engineers into its system. Like a wedding, we coupled together leading-edge AI tech with gifted individuals to create a dynamic product — one that values quality above everything else. Your bride and groom cartoon images will blow everyone’s mind away!

Your wedding was the event of your lifetime, it was a brilliant way of displaying your love and showing your better half with passion and admiration — it was posh, it was sleek, it was magical. Your cartoon wedding picture should reflect this reality. Our service is professionally made, expertly crafted, and manages to capture the potency of that ONE day. A work of art that you can admire and hold dear every day — one that allows you to step back in time and, maybe, feel your cheeks once more blush as lips joined and you heard: “I now pronounce you husband and wife.”