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Cartoonize Your Family Portrait in 3 Easy Steps.

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Upload your family portrait and fill out the form

Upload your family photo. Grab the kids, the parents, grandpa, your partner and hope they standstill. Wipe the sweat off your face, check if anyone was cross-eye, reshoot because one of your rascals made “devil horns” and get ready to cartoon your family portrait.


Be a part of the process

Take part in the process and create a fully custom fun cartoon drawing of your family. Something that manages to bottle the unique insanity that is your household.

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Upload it, post it, share it, show it!

Post, share and showcase your family cartoon drawing — marvel at the likes, inspire others, make your Christmas card; the sky’s the limit.

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Are you a company?

Introducing Avatoon PRO

Easy, fast and safe

All you have to do is upload an image and fill out a short form. We take care of the rest and contact you as soon as your brand new portrait is done. 

Make it your own

We deliver our cartoon drawings in vector format, so it can be scaled to any size, we also provide a high resolution image in any format you need.

Stand out from the crowd

You can bring a playful edge to your next post or project using cartoon drawings.  It also makes the comment stand out and makes your readers revisit the post numerous times.

Draw Your Family Cartoon With Avatoon

100% risk free money-back guarantee

The value of a cartoon family portrait

Do you still get cold chills remembering the last time you dragged your family to get a professional portrait? PTSD recalling how it was akin to herding wild Tasmanian devils on napalm? Trying to impart to your little scamps the importance of family photos — only to get a face full of the smartphone screen and a lecture on selfies and Megapixels. The mother of all trials and tribulations.

Still, they fill your heart with joy — even when they are running around unleashing pandemonium and giving you nuggets to pull apart in your therapist’s office.

make a cartoon photo from a family portrait

Family photos are important. They manage to capture a moment in time — a moment that only in hindsight you will appreciate. A moment that sooner or later will cease to exist. When that Instagram-obsessed daughter goes off to college and you suddenly understand what lonely nest egg syndrome is. When that 3-year-old that once jumped on your bed while holding cranberry juice is too cool to play around with dear old dad.

Having all types of family photos is critical, they spark your memory. Making a cartoon of your family is a fun, dynamic, and unique way to capture those moments.

A cartoon family portrait maker can grasp and mold aspects of your family a normal photograph can’t — it can inspire, it can create fond memories, it can give you kids something innovative to finally get behind.

Emphasize the uniqueness with a caricature of a family

Is your family the weird one on the block? Or maybe it’s the one all other neighbors admire? Maybe it’s the fun one, with the kid obsessed with dinosaurs and the wife who yesterday tried to recapture her youth by painting half her hair pink. There’s no such thing as the stable, model family unit and that’s part of the fun. Each unit has its own characteristics, its own petsis that a llama? — their own idiosyncrasies. Family cartoon drawings allow them to express themselves. There’s a whimsy to turning your family into a cartoon, one that your kids, your wife, and everyone that’s shacked up will enjoy.

At Avatoon we pride ourselves in giving you the full experience. Not just a high-quality product created with the best proprietary software available and expert flesh-and-bones artists, but a step-by-step guide on how to make a date out of the whole affair — how to have some fun. A picture is a thousand words, so your photo should reflect that statement. Make it lively, amusing, witty, a celebration of what makes your family unique.

Choosing a photo to turn your family into a cartoon

Technically, your photo should include the entire faces and hair of every family member — masks, if junior is going to a Darth Vader phase, are allowed. Your pic should be of the highest quality, high resolution, in good light. If you have a relatively large family, cram them all together and try for medium or headshot — full body pics aren’t advisable; faces tend to melt, and, well, your cartoon family portrait will end up resembling a Jackson Pollock.

In Avatoon we make professional, a league of their own cartoon family portraits. Images that can capture the fun and love you all share. Our cartoon family portrait maker is state-of-the-art and manages to create mind-blowing, custom-made pictures that are rendered by professional artists and an expert team of engineers. So, grab your family, wrangle them up and have some fun — create something unique that even your jaded teenage daughter will approve: “That’s not soooo lame” — Translation, homerun, it’s epic!