Turn Your Dog's Photo Into a Cartoon
With Avatoon

Cartoonize your puppy with Avatoon! Create a cartoon custom image of your beloved dog and share it with the whole world!

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Cartoonize Your Furry Friend in 3 Easy Steps.

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Upload your pet photo and fill out the form

Upload your pooch’s photo, and cartoon your pet. That one pic’ that captures that magic that they are and bring to your home. It could be a selfie taken right there or an old one that you love.


Be a part of the process

Be part of the process and turn your dog into a cartoon. Customize, and get creative. Input your style. Help us highlight those cute bits that stand out and make them unique.

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Upload it, post it, share it, show it!

Showcase your own, one-of-a-kind, design. Your dog avatar is special, there’s no other like it. Turning your dog into a cartoon has never been easier. Post, share, and make your friends envious.

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Are you a company?

Introducing Avatoon PRO

Easy, fast and safe

All you have to do is upload an image and fill out a short form. We take care of the rest and contact you as soon as your brand new portrait is done. 

Make it your own

We deliver our cartoon drawings in vector format, so it can be scaled to any size, we also provide a high resolution image in any format you need.

Stand out from the crowd

You can bring a playful edge to your next post or project using cartoon drawings.  It also makes the comment stand out and makes your readers revisit the post numerous times.

Turn Your Dog's Photo Into a Custom Cartoon Picture

100% risk free money-back guarantee

Make Your Dog a Cartoon With Avatoon

Your pets aren’t just your furry-friendly companions — they are the heart and soul of your household. Who’s there going gonzo when you arrive from work? Who’s just itching to jump into your bed late at night? Who’s putting a smile on everyone’s face and making your home feel just a little bit better, warmer, more magical?

Since they were a puppy, your dog has been part of your family — whether you had them young or adopted him afterward.

turn dog photo into avatar

The day they came into their forever home, something just clicked. Now, you have the chance to take that relationship and make art from it. Dogs are the center of our lives, they make each day that much brighter.

Now it’s your chance to immortalize that spark and make a unique, fun, one-of-a-kind portrait of your dog from a photo that captures his flair and what they mean to you — that manages to encircle that Je-ne-se-quoi that they are.

Every dog is unique, and every one of us sees something in our pets that’s invisible to others. Sometimes, that striking characteristic can only be unearthed through art, through the power of an artist’s brush. Cartoon your pet allows you to capture your pooch in their best moments, to highlight those traits that make them the most special animal in the world. Each image you create with this proprietary tech’ app that turns your dog into a cartoon is special. It’s singular and knows no duplicate. That’s the most important benefit to consider, the fact that other online software out there use templates — we don’t pride ourselves in making your doggy cartoon special; irreproducible.

Cartoonize Your Love Puppy

Drawing your dog into a cartoon is a cinch. Turning your furry familiar, your fluffy friend, your family pet, canine companion, your man’s best friend into a blazing cartoon has never been easier. Not only is it a great opportunity to capture the essence of your dog, and enjoy him even more as the days pass. Cartoon avatars of pets are also inspiring highly creative gifts for every pooch owner you might know.

What can you expect from a dog cartoon avatar made by our specialist team at Avatoon? Well, two words: MAGIC & QUALITY. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill service. This is a top-shelf, blue-ribbon custom cartoon maker that’s lightyears ahead of the competition. We might use easy-to-understand tech and intuitive tools that make the process run smoothly and efficiently, but under our hood, there’s a complex platform using cutting-edge IP algorithms and deep learning coding. One that’s constantly updated to better capture what makes your dog one of a kind. Use your pic’ as wallpapers, digital cartoon dog portrait, or even print and put it next to the family photos.

Unique Gift For Pet Lovers

At Avatoon even go one step further — our dog cartoon portraits are also supervised by engineers and animation artists to better enhance the image and give you a product of the highest standard and uniqueness.

Professionally made, expertly crafted, a league of their own, and using state-of-the-art AI that’s optimized by its dynamic relationship with our team of artists — that’s what we offer. Capture the majesty and beauty of your fluffy friend, cartoon your pet and turn your dog into animation, with a service that’s at an affordable price and never sacrifices its quality. Capture that tinkle in your dog’s eye, that essence that only you truly understand. Mind-blowing, custom-made avatars that you’ll never regret — a work of art you can cherish long after your dog’s time has come.