Avatoon Revision Policy.

At avatoon, we always strive to create high quality cartoons from the get go. However if you are unhappy with the results, you can share your feedback with us and we will do our best to modify the initial drawing until you are satisfied with the results. Typically these revisions come with no additional charge, and are part of the service.

Our free revisions include minor changes like:

- Color changes: like skin tone, hair color, eye color or the color of the clothes.
- Minor changes to facial features, like adding a bigger smile, changing the shape of he eyes, nose or the face itself, making the client look older or younger or slimmer.

All these changes are allowed so long as they consume only 25% of allotted time made to create the original artwork. While this number is relative, it is subject to my preference and I will notify you if changes in your cartoon are beyond the allotted time.

Our free revisions DO NOT include:

- Redrawing the avatar using a different reference photo
- Modifying the position of the head or body, like making the subject face forward when the picture is from the side.
- Adding additional elements or changing to a different type of clothes (these changes have to be stated in the notes, when making the order)

These are major changes that are not part of the initial service, since they require a substantial amount of additional time to complete, thus they are charged separately.

To avoid any additional charges describe major changes in the notes, when making the order.

Accepting the preview marks your satisfaction with our service. Following this you will receive the final high resolution version of the drawing. This marks the end of our transaction, and you are no longer entitled to any more free revisions, or a refund.