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  • Expert Support
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Extremely fast and high-quality work. Originally paid someone else $250 to draw an avatar and this was done for 20% of that price and looks WAYYY better. I can’t wait to hire again.


Review Rating

“Top job as always, this is the 20th something project we did together and there would be more to come!”


Review Rating

Quick turnarounds, Awesome quality, 100% satisfaction. Avatoon is the BEST! I think I just finished 15 projects with them. Love them as they’re always patient and deliver quality.


Review Rating

You can always rely on Avatoon to “bust” out a visually appealing avatar for your business. After choosing one of the sketches, I only needed one revision before I settled on the one I wanted! This is my second time ordering from and it has been yet another 5 star experience.

How it works...

Place Your Order​

Share a photo of yourself along with any preferences you have in mind. This photo acts as a reference for our artists to craft an avatar that truly captures your essence.



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Upload Your Photo

Share a photo of yourself along with any preferences you have in mind. This photo acts as a reference for our artists to craft an avatar that truly captures your essence.


The Artist's Touch

Our skilled artists work their magic to transform your photo into a unique and personalized cartoon avatar. Every stroke is made with care, ensuring that your avatar mirrors your individuality.


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Review and Approve

We value your input! Take a moment to review the avatar our artists have crafted for you. If any adjustments are desired, let us know, and we’ll make sure it’s perfected to your liking.


Receive Your Avatar

Once you have approved your avatar, we’ll swiftly deliver high-quality files straight to your email inbox. These files are yours to keep and use in various digital spaces.


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Showcase Your Avatar

Now comes the exciting part! Unleash your Custom Cartoon Avatar across your favorite platforms – from social media to websites. Watch as your avatar reflects your personality, style, and uniqueness, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.


Our Clients

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Why Avatars Are Worth It...

Elevating Cartoon Portraits into Professional Artistry

When you think of “cartoons,” playful and exaggerated images might come to mind. However, is here to redefine that concept, offering a way to create custom cartoon avatars that exude professionalism. Our advanced graphic drawing service allows you to effortlessly transform any photograph into a captivating cartoon representation.

At Avatoon, the journey to your own custom cartoon avatar begins. Our focus is on crafting bespoke cartoon-style portraits that truly highlight your individuality. With a range of advanced graphic techniques, our skilled artists breathe life into illustrations that mirror reality.

The Cartoon Style employs the use of several colors, shadows, hues, and tones with facial dimensions and expressive lines. Because cartoon painting, in general, tends to simplify shapes, the realistic cartoon art style attempts to enhance details and preserve shapes as close to reality as possible.

Step into our dynamic Cartoon Style, where a symphony of hues, shades, and expressive lines come together to accentuate your unique facial dimensions. Unlike traditional cartoons that simplify forms, our realistic cartoon art style aims to preserve authenticity by meticulously capturing your defining features.

Your input is invaluable to us, and we are dedicated to shaping your avatar to perfection. We welcome any modifications to ensure your creation aligns seamlessly with your vision. Rest assured, our commitment is so steadfast that we offer an uncompromising 100% money-back guarantee if your expectations aren’t met—an assurance that underscores our confidence in delivering excellence.

Recognizing the value of time, we offer flexibility for urgent needs. Depending on the context, we prioritize meeting your desired delivery timeline, reflecting our commitment to your convenience. Our streamlined avatar creation process ensures you receive your masterpiece within a few days, while also honoring the well-deserved weekends for our diligent team who dedicate themselves passionately throughout the week.

Discover the transformative power of—a realm where custom cartoon avatars transcend convention and portray the essence of professionalism. Embark on this creative journey today by visiting and unlock a new realm of personalized expression that seamlessly merges artistry and authenticity. Your custom cartoon avatar awaits—let your online presence come alive in a way that truly embodies you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering an avatar is quick and easy. First you select the avatar type you need, then upload your photo, fill out a small form with your information, select if you want any extras and click on the order button.

First the artist makes a rough sketch based on the photograph you sent us via email, then he cleans it up, it and finally adds the colors. 

You can pay us through Paypal or Credit/Debit Card.

After you approve the avatar we made, you’ll be receive the files via e-mail.

If you are not pleased with the results, we will give your money back.

You will get a .AI .EPS and .JPEG in a compressed zip file. The standard .JPG size is 2400x2400px, 300dpi RGB, unless you ask otherwise, in which case we can change that

Yes, at the bottom of each email there’s a button for this purpose.