Check Ready-Made Portraits of Wedding, Groom & Bride in Cartoon Style

We would be thrilled to count you among our satisfied customers, but if you need more convincing, take a look at some of the avatars of brides, grooms, and love couples we made.

It's time to brush up on your wedding photos

You’ve probably stocked up on wedding photos. Depending on what type of ceremony you had, you probably have hundreds if not thousands of wedding photos. Every gentle caress captured, every longing look plastered on film, every cringe-worthy moment printed on page — nonetheless, there are things your photographer failed to snap into existence. Magical ITs only you experience, jolts of electricity only your couple could attest to. Your wedding day was full of wonder and awe, emotional and exciting — why not try to relive it in another medium?

Get Your Custom Made Cartoon Avatar Today

We offer professionally illustrated avatars for companies, and individuals as well. These can be used for both professional and personal purposes.​

Wedding caricatures are fun and energetic ways to step back in time and once more experience that day that changed your life forever. They have something that celluloid fails to capture, that extra spark that only lives inside your head, and can only come out with the help of an artist — through their brushstroke, their imagination, their use of color, and their canvas. The digital caricature of the wedding couple is high-quality gift items that are worth every penny. They trap singular moments and celebrate them in a way that the lens failed to. They honor your love, your devotion, your unvarnished feeling for one another.

The upper class of your couple caricatures

Each one of our cute couple cartoon drawings is made of the highest standard. Employ the most innovative and cutting-edge tech available in the market right now. We constantly update our platform and try to make it as intuitive and efficient as possible. We then couple that infrastructure with the best animators out in the market, employing artists and digital designers that can interpret and truly represent those hidden angles your wedding photographer failed to capture. Each hand-drawn image is worked by our artist from the ground up. No shortcuts. No templates. No cheap filters. No off-the-shelf software. Each portrait is constructed by our diligent team members and perfectly crafted to meet your needs and expectations.

Get one-of-a-kind couple cartoon photo

What makes our process unique, from the competition, is the fact that we take the idea of customized cartoon wedding portraits and truly expand on the concept. Your input is appreciated and analyzed every step of the way. Each anecdote, each nugget of insight, is carefully used by our animation team to better meet your wishes and give you an irreplaceable one-of-a-kind photo. Something that you can feel proud about.

The only requirements we need are a great photo — one that includes your smiling faces, of the highest resolution available, with the best light. Just a photo of your love and yourself caught in the magic of that day. A photo that highlights your love.

Caricatures of your wedding are great gifts to your loved ones, to your family, to your spouse, or even to yourself. They allow you to reconnect with that day and for a fleeting moment feel the rush. The rush of that walk down the aisle, the swelling butterflies in your stomach, the sound of the music sweeping all around, and that moment when your eyes locked and you knew – without – a doubt that your life had changed for the better.

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