Portfolio - Social Media Avatars in Cartoon Style

We would be thrilled to count you among our satisfied customers, but if you need more convincing, take a look at some of the avatars we made.

Why turn your social media profile picture into a cartoon?

Turning your profile picture into a custom cartoon is a great way to make a splash in any environment, particularly social media networks and other types of online platforms and communities. It is distinct, unique, a bit wacky, highly revealing, and, above all, safe and secure. It allows you to represent and embody who you are, above your physical traits. A cartoon profile picture for Instagram, for example, permits you to show your possible followers or current ones a bit more about yourself — this is the power of art above photos; they allow you to grasp the intangible and somehow represent it in a 2-dimensional expressive medium.

Get Your Custom Made Cartoon Avatar Today

We offer professionally illustrated avatars for companies, and individuals as well. These can be used for both professional and personal purposes.​

A cute cartoon profile picture for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tik-Tok, or any of the dozen or so platforms available right now, is a great way to distinguish yourself. Of showing your followers that your account, personality, and brand are different from the competition. It’s outside-the-box thinking and guerrilla marketing. By doing something that differentiates your account from others, you’re individualizing it, allowing the public to separate it from the herd, and recognizing its sui generis appeal. A cartoon profile pic is particular, exclusive, and rare. Its singularity works in your favor.

Distinguish yourself with Avatoon

Avatoon’s main advantage is the fact that its exclusive service and product are unlike any being offered right now in the industry. Turning a profile picture into a cartoon isn’t that uncommon nowadays, dozens of services and apps offer to make a cute cartoon profile picture. But, none offer quality, none offer unparalleled services, none offer standout performance. At Avatoon we understand that the only way to distinguish yourself positively is with a product that’s not only sleek, unique, and well presented, but that doesn’t look cheap.

We don’t use templates, nor do we employ pattern recognition algorithms. We don’t use software that analyzes color intensities and supplants them with pre-programmed cartoon designs. We frown on the use of filters. We abstain from the catch-all methodology of most of our competitors. At Avatoon we employ the latest AI software, the most advanced proprietary tech available, and then we back them up with talent — flesh and bone animators that will listen to you, understand and interpret your needs, and design – by hand – a cartoon that manages to capture the intangible.

All we need is a photo and our artists can create a bright, eye-catching cartoon profile that floors the audiences and attracts the likes.

You’ll obtain a one-of-a-king artistic funny cartoon picture that you can use for every single one of your social media profiles. A digital format masterpiece that was worked by an artist, tweaked by the latest tech, and spearheaded by you. You have the final say. Our cute cartoon photos are finished once you approve them. We work with you, to really capture your essence and what you are trying to depict or highlight with your custom cartoon — that is, after all, what art is mainly about, capturing the impossible, the intangible, the magical.