Cartoon Pet Portraits

We would be thrilled to count you among our satisfied customers, but if you need more convincing, take a look at some of the avatars of pets we made.

Unique artistic pet portraits

At Avatoon we pride ourselves in endorsing the best animation styles in the market. Of breeding the perfect blend of technology and humanity into a carefully vetted product of the highest quality. We’ve been in the market for years breaking new ground and constantly investing in the best technology and staff available at the time. Part of our belief is that each pet caricature should be a unique artistic portrait — a work of art that’s irreplaceable and more important one-of-a-kind.

How are caricatures of your pets usually made?

Most cartoon pet portrait apps in the market right now lack the tools needed to really give their clients a truly unique product. Custom digital pet portrait software works on a set of mathematical formulas and algorithms. The pet caricature program is coded using pattern recognition software and AI.

A program analyzes your photo and assigns pre-picked – by the programmers – colors and artistic styles to bits of information. The program audits your picture, catalogs light differences, and then based on a template reproduces it. In the crudest sense, it’s a digital filter — similar to the one that comes pre-installed in your cellphone’s camera app. This filter modifies your picture and gives you a cartoon pet portrait. What little customization it has is based on the filter’s programing and the criteria encoded in it.

Avatoons' approach to creating digital pet portraits

The main difference in the Avatoons’ approach, when compared to the competition, is that we go one step further. We employ flesh and bones animators to work WITH YOU and give you a custom animal portrait that truly reflects your pet’s personality. When you turn a pet photo into a cartoon, using our system, you’re capturing that magic IT factor in your animal companion that only you can see and appreciate.

We don’t employ any shortcuts or automatic filters. Each cartoon pet portrait is worked from the ground up using a dedicated artist and animation specialist. It’s a quick, highly personalized process, meant to give you a legitimately original work of art. Something that no other system or service can produce.

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Cartoon pet portraits are great gifts for all animal lovers. They manage to ensnare those key characteristics that make your pet or your friend’s pet a unique spirit. They have an ethereal ability, willing to conjure up emotions and recollections that plain photos can’t. They’ll capture that X factor only you can appreciate. They are great gifts for animal lovers because they can transport us to those blissful times when it was just you and your fluffy, scaly, or feather companion.

You can turn all types of pets into cartoons. A pooch, a bird, a snake, a cat — any breed, any species, any color. Take the plunge and make a customizable work of art that celebrates your pet. That honors your love for them and their love for you. Commemorate them with respect, love, and just the right amount of fun.

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We offer professionally illustrated avatars for companies, and individuals as well. These can be used for both professional and personal purposes.​