Check Ready-Made Avatars of Business Team in Cartoon Style

We would be thrilled to count you among our satisfied customers, but if you need more convincing, take a look at some of the avatars of company teams we made.

Display your team’s best features

You’re not only getting a funny group caricature/cartoon but an actual work of art you can feel proud of — one that’s a display of your team’s best features, sticks the landing and nails the punchline as far as fun is concerned, and, above all, doesn’t sacrifice quality in the pursuit of these goals.

But how can you be certain you’re getting the best from us? What makes Avatoon stand a head or two above the rest? Synchronicity.

example of a team photo made by Avatoon

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At Avatoon we dynamically make two of our biggest assets work in unison for you, collaborating to give you the best team cartoon image available — a dedicated and professional group of illustrators, mixed with proprietary algorithms and state-of-the-art tech. We don’t employ filters, we don’t use templates. At Avatoon we pride ourselves in giving you unique funny team pictures you can feel proud of. Sleek, revised, approved, wonderful works of art that speak volumes of your team and their value.

Get Your Custom Made Cartoon Avatar Today

We offer professionally illustrated avatars for companies, and individuals as well. These can be used for both professional and personal purposes.​

Team caricatures aren’t just limited to a sports team or company employees. If you hustle, or if you work in unison, or if you frown at the idea of individuality – because, after all, there is no I in teamwork – then this product is right for you. Create one-of-a-kind cartoon team images for your staff, your wolf pack, your classmates, your bridesmaid, your Fortnight digital cabal, your friends, your bowling league, your band — you name it, we capture its zany cartoon glory.

How to use team cartoon images?

Your team cartoon image can be used for just about everything. It is a great way to consolidate efforts and cement group dynamics. Display your group caricatures on your company website, your social media accounts, your website, or on products. A great cartoon doesn’t need a rhyme nor a reason to exist — they are just fun. They embrace the frivolity of your staff and mates, capturing that singular zest that makes them stand above the rest and shine. That glow you feel proud of, that light and energy you are an integral part of.

funny caricature style photo of a cleaning company team

Funny team pictures or team caricatures are a great way to build and reinforce group dynamics. They help to strengthen collective thinking and highlight the pack mentality. They underscore a team’s value system in a different and far more artistic way than a photograph. With the help of an artist, you can capture the intangible and emphasize it. You can stress and augment aspects of the team’s brand and consolidate them in a way that speaks to others. As a bonus, their digital format is easy to copy and even easier to share. They are the type of images that can be spread incredibly fast and used at a moment’s notice on multiple digital outlets and platforms. The cartoon images in digital format are incredibly easy to share — they are flexible and can adapt to any medium incredibly simple and fast.