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We would be thrilled to count you among our satisfied customers, but if you need more convincing, take a look at some of the avatars we made.

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We offer professionally illustrated avatars for companies, and individuals as well. These can be used for both professional and personal purposes.​

Why turn yourself into a cartoon?

Why make a cartoon drawing of yourself? Why go online to search for a woman’s caricature or a man’s caricature? What possible reason could there be for such a thing? — Well, plenty.

Not only are caricatures extremely fun, and the dynamic process an experience onto itself, but surveys have consistently shown that they allow individuals to express themselves in ways they would never on a plain photo shoot. For the lone wolves, cartoon portraits give them a unique opportunity to come out of their shell and interact in a new way with the outside world. They are great rewards and have a huge value in Social Media — perfect profile pics’.

For companies, group cartoon drawings permit staff members to interact with one another and create lasting bonds with their peers and the firm they work for. It is a great character-building and group-building exercise that promotes integration and teamwork. Another great benefit is that it gives the company homogeneity within their social media and diverse portfolio — giving them complete control on how to display their staff while maintaining the rigors and aesthetics of their brand.

A cartoon photo allows you to see how an animator and unbiased 3rd person sees you, and it also allows you to get a clear understanding of how the world at large views you. It is an intimate process and one that is full of fun interactions and artistic flare-ups.

Whether you’re a man, woman, group or you identify under another status, cartoon drawings, and incredibly diverse and hilarious gifts. For yourself, for your coworkers, for your staff, for your family, or your friends. They are unique and of the highest quality. Everyone can be depicted in a cartoon portrait, and no two cartoons are the same.

Let's collaborate to make your cartoon portrait amazing

What makes Avatoon stand above the competition is the fact that we not only use proprietary tech and an extremely dynamic/intuitive platform but that our system is also composed of expert animators and professional graphic designers. Each cartoon is hand-drawn and constructed from the ground up using your input and integrating those key factors a photo failed to capture — those magical characteristics only you know. We collaborate with you and capture that essence only you can see. That’s the true power of a work of art, its strengths, it is in the artists, their skill, their imagination, and the interaction with the subject, not on the power of a lens. We don’t use store-bought filters, or downloaded algorithms to analyze your photo — we don’t imply shortcuts. At Avatoon we pride ourselves and uphold our belief that every caricature should be unique, fun, daring, and stylish.

Take the plunge and create something out of this world. Something irreplaceable. Something that’s a work of art. Something that will pass the test of time and will constantly whoa you despite your age or where you’re at in life — more than a photo, what we try to give you is an experience you can take with you forever.